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East L.A. Classic Theatre

Mailing Address:
2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #167
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2520

Tel: 213-572-0121
Fax: 213-785-2867



East L.A. Classic Theatre (ECT) is the nation’s only Latino based Theater Company that offers professionally performed Shakespeare adapted for youth in underserved communities of color.

ECT also offers children in elementary, middle, and high school comprehensive literacy skills, English language development, and interpersonal awareness programs as part of the school curriculum and through after-school theater-based courses that expose youth to theatre arts in a fun, contemporary, and interactive manner.

With more than 14 years experience, ECT’s unique approach improves students’ reading and verbal skills, writing ability, classroom participation and comportment, as well as their overall self-confidence.

East L.A. Classic Theatre encourages students to be active learners who develop an appreciation of the arts while discovering the power of self expression, creativity, and a determination to succeed.



"ECT has demonstrated a remarkable willingness to break new ground and direct our young people’s focus to a broader spectrum of thought and creativity. Congratulations on your fine work!”

-Cruz Bustamante,
Former Lieutenant Governor of California

East L.A. Classic Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing classic theater and educational programs into the schools.